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2022, Twenty year old U.S. Army Soldier, Draco Moore, is sent to Afghanistan to aid the Afghan National Army to suppress a military coup.  He was put in a two man team call sign "Raptor" along side William Adams.  As they fight off the ANA Rogues, Draco will soon discover that the world contains secrets that should be better forgotten.

This game was made for the Indie Game Making Contest 2018. which means the demo is at least 1 hour and story was simplfied and game play was set as easy. However, I had decided to stop with the project. The setting where the story takes place was very controversial. I love games about war, but after thinking about it, probably not the best right now. Maybe someday I will came back to this idea but not right now.

Install instructions

After downloading, unzip the file. then enter the file and click on "Game".


Nuking Dragons.zip 208 MB

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